Rescues and Fosters

Blu Majic Poodles believes in rescue and was a foster home for  Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue 


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The pic above is Zeus before he came to stay with us for a while.  He was known as apricot male. He was seized in a puppy mill raid in North Carolina. 

and after 3 weeks of care and love at Blu Majic Poodles.  He is now a treasured pet living in NJ.


To see  available poodles go to Watchung Mt Poodle Club's rescue listings.

From PCA--A report to the media    In the rescue stories, Lucky from WMPC was one of our fosters here at Blu Majic.    I still get to see him routinely and he always remembers me and gives me a huge greeting.



Some of our recent Fosters.....

Tommy--a sweet polar bear of a poodle--just a baby- 8 months old.  He was  born in North Carolina and was a "breeder" dump as a baby of 14 weeks old.


He now lives in NJ with his family and a newfie that's his best bud.  Tommy meeting his new family--he took to his new mom immediately     

This is Ruby-- a 4 yr old girl surrendered to rescue because the other dog in her house was very aggressive to her.  Ruby is very shy, but very sweet and warms up quickly.  She had bilateral entropian, which means the eyelids of both eyes curl inward causing irritation to the eyes. Ruby had successful surgery to correct this inherited problem on 6/29/07, paid for by WMPC rescue.

 Ruby is now living in Maryland with a mom and dad and 2 other poodles.







        This is Carmen-- a puppy mill surrender.  She's decided she likes sleeping on the bed near Ree!  Yup, she's about as big as Ree's head.  A whopping 5 lbs of apricot poodle.  Carmen was placed with a lovely family  from NJ including an adopted 8 yr old girl, so they can be "chosen ones"  together.


Some of our past fosters.....They are all much loved pets now.  Unfortunately, due to hard drive crashes and other difficulties of life, many of the foster pics have been lost...  There have been approximately 60 fosters over the past 16 years.  Some have gone on the the bridge, but were well loved.



No pics.......  Ivan--the 1st who started it all; Lady-who smelled very bad from the severe mouth infections and abscessed teeth and who was almost blind from the severe eye infections and who sighed with relief when the warm water and shampoo of the bath hit her very dirty body;  Bounce, who lived in the shelter a month with a fractured femur, and tolerated several operations and an external fixator to mend the break with loving affection, kisses and a waggy tail and the others too numerous to remember.... 

who came, healed, and went on to be treasures.