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Family Affair!!

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 Sometimes many of us go to dog shows or other events....  some dog shows are very rare or difficult to get to, so more than one dog is entered.  That makes it a Family Affair!!

 11/30/14--AHTA UKC conformation show--
 Three generations--L-R- Jimmy, Mia, and Dolley
Six shows, Six Best of Breed wins, Three Group Placements

Photo by Gerry Chen

3/2/13--  NYASA-  ASCA Rally trial
  Two trials, 4 dogs, 3 new titles, 4 first legs, 7 placements...






10/2/11   K9 Konnection  UKC Rally Trials

Four Trials, 3 new titles, and the start of another new title for each!
Mia did a great job and finished her URO2 title with a perfect 100 and earned the first leg towards her URO3 title.  Ree and Cody both finished their URO3 titles with a 99 and a 98 and earned their first UKC Rally Championship points!


Garden State Australian Shepherd Club Rally  Trials
  1st place and High In Trial-Cody, 2nd place--sister Mia,
                   and 3rd place--mom Ree

photo by Jeffrey Hamlin                                                                                                                     Cody and Mia at a recent trial-photo by Nancie Bozza





 SIDTC UKC Rally trials-  All the dogs finished titles!!  Left to right: Cody, Mia, Dommie,  Evie, our judge Annette and Ree.  Cody, Dommie, Evie and Ree finished their URO2 titles and Mia finished her URO1 title.  All the dogs won placements too!






   Agility demo in Liberty State Park
  Left to right-  Dommie, her brother Harry, their mom Ree 
      and her brother Monty.

    Non-Sporting Group Club of the Garden State Rally trial.

   Left to right:  Cody, mom Ree, Dommie, dad Nick. 
   All the dogs placed in their respective classes---
   see some of the 1st place blue ribbons in the
   on the bottom left?    Photo by Rob Gerity.





    Poodle Club of America  (the Poodle National Dog Show!!!)
   left to right:  Dommie,  mom Ree and dad Nick
   Photo by John Ashbey


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