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Blu Majic Poodles does NOT support HSUS or any other animal terrorist organizations (such as PETA) looking to take away our rights to have a dog to cherish and love in our lives.

For REAL info regarding the Humane Society of the United States, please read the Washington Examiner article-- just follow the link    http://tinyurl.com/39rmdfq


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I'm a retired medical professional--an RN for over 37 years and have worked in a variety of environments.  For the last 26+ years,  I've worked as a Special Education School Nurse for the NYC Dept of Education.   I was in an all special education school with "kids" aged 14-21. I retired in 2013 and moved to the country outside of Lake Wales, FL in 2014.

I'm  a member of several dog clubs in the NY/NJ area---the main one being an all breed obedience club--  Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club, Inc.  where I have served  as Training Director for 4 years and as a Board member for 3 years.  I'm currently and Honorary Lifetime member. Other clubs I belong to--Watchung Mt. Poodle Club (NJ), Poodle Club of Orlando and Imperial Polk Obedience Club, where I  serve on the Board of Directors, Training Registrar and Instructor, as well as take classes.  I'm also a member of the Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida and the Bearded Collie Club of America.

I got into poodles 22 years ago, totally by accident.  Although I had grown up with dogs practically all my life, I had never had poodles before and really was not interested in a such a frou-frou breed. After all, I was used to German Shepherds, Terriers and a Flat Coat Retriever. We had finally moved to a house in Staten Island from a small apartment, but only had a split rail fence--totally not good for a puppy.  I told my hubby Allen that as soon as we got a better fence, I was getting a puppy.  So the research into what breed started.  I had several breeds on my "short list"-a French bulldog, a Boston Terrier, my number one pick-a Welsh Terrier, or a mini poodle.  My son, who was 11 at the time, absolutely and flatly ruled out a Frenchie and a Boston.  I started calling around to Welshie breeders.  Because we had guinea pigs at the time, the breeders refused to sell us a puppy.  After all, terriers are "vermin" dogs and a guinea pig can certainly be viewed as vermin by them. Well, the only thing left was a mini poodle.

I thought I did my homework and went to a "breeder" who sold me a little, 10 week old, mismarked black pup with a bunny tail as a mini for $500.    I didn't really know a thing about the breed, didn't know the breed standard, what testing should be done on parents--nothing. But I did want a pure bred dog to do obedience competition with.  Turned out, that puppy was actually a toy poodle.  And it turned out that he had a very common genetic problem to toy dogs-luxating patellas, or slipping stifles.  By the time Scruffy was 2, he could barely walk.  I had one knee surgically repaired to the tune of $1500, but Scruffy continued to limp regardless.  I did manage to put some obedience, agility and rally titles on him, but he retired from competition very early in life (age 3).   I lost Scruffy on Sept. 17, 2013 at age 18.5 yrs old.

While I was showing Scruffy in Novice obedience, I found myself missing a big dog.  I had never had such a tiny dog before, and Scruffy was an oversized toy at 11".  I went to some poodle specialties, and saw a standard poodle for the first time and fell head over heels in love.  Some great folks who had been in the breed a while took me under their wing and introduced me to their breeder.  I got on her wait list for a puppy--I wanted a black male, and I was willing to wait.  Well, her girl was bred and didn't take, so I stayed on the list.  She was bred again 6 months later and unfortunately, only had 1 puppy.  So I was referred to another breeder who had bred to a sibling.  Finally, after a year of waiting, I had put down a deposit on a week old boy.  The next 7 weeks were going to take FOREVER!!

In the mean time, life goes on, even when waiting for puppies.  And while we were waiting for that puppy to be ready to come home, my son was graduating from Junior High (or Intermediate) school.  Unfortunately, I missed his graduation, by having to have an emergency appendectomy at    3 am the morning of his graduation! Thank goodness my sister was only a phone call away and could take him to graduation.  And wouldn't you know it, the very next week I was supposed to get my puppy!  Being as stubborn as I am, I was NOT putting off getting my pup.  So staples and all, I demanded that hubby take me to get my puppy or I was driving myself.  Nicky and I took to each other right away.  It was instant love, and had been a love affair for 12 years.  He was always by my side.  However, he was not black!  At 6 months old, he started turning this funky color--had no clue what was happening.  Another long time breeder told me I had a blue.  Huh? I said.  A blue?  What's that?  By age 3, Nick turned into the most stunning dog you could ever imagine-blue gray hair and silver skin.

Nick totally changed my life.  He gave me a love of this breed that even surprises me sometimes.  He was the most incredible competition dog and took a fledgling trainer further than imagined.  Because of Scruffy, I teach obedience classes, but because of Nick, I am a UKC (United Kennel Club) and ASCA obedience and rally judge, and an AKC and ADPT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Rally judge.  Nick passed his screening tests and has produced 4 litters.  Many of those pups are competing in various activities with various registries.  I lost Nick, the love of my life, on Feb 14, 2010.  I will miss him forever.

Because I compete in Conformation (how well does the dog conform to the written breed standard) and  performance activities--obedience, rally and agility, it is important to me to have a sound, healthy dog to compete with.  This is what my breeding program is based on-producing healthy, beautiful, physically and mentally sound standard poodles.  I don't breed often--usually when I'm ready for my next competition dog, so my breedings are very carefully planned to produce the best pups I can produce. Each breeding is planned well in advance, often more than a year.  My girls are not bred until they are physically and mentally mature-usually after age 3.  That also gives me plenty of time to do their health screenings.  Both parents are fully screened, and although this does not absolutely guarantee health, it does really increase the odds of healthy pups.  A waiting list is always taken for these wonderful performance and companion pets.  References supplied on request.   Puppy Application

All puppies are sold by limited registration contract only.  If, during your puppies lifetime, you find you are unable to keep it for ANY reason, it must be returned to me.  I am available for the lifetime of your puppy--I'll always be puppy's "mammaw".  And Mammaw always loves her grandbabies.  Puppy Contract


Blu Majic Poodles does NOT produce mixed breeds nor provide stud service for the purpose of producing mixes, nor do we produce "Royal Standards" (extremely large and usually coarse looking standards) or "Moyen/Klein" sized poodles (often smaller standards or very large minis created by mixing mini and standard poodles).  Blu Majic Standard Poodles are pure standard poodles--no minis are mixed in to decrease size.  Our girls tend to range in size from 21-22" and our boys are 23-25" when full grown.  Of course, that is not a hard and fast rule, just a guesstimate.